Automate and Simplify your business processes & service
delivery with ready-to-use workflows

Specially configured for your environment


your business processes and service delivery through predefined workflows managed by an ITILv3-based Service Management engine.

Also available in Cloud model.

Features that matter to accelerate your organizational processes

A wide range of traditional features packaged in a modern and tech-savvy way to manage your internal & external business processes.

Incident Management

Manage Incident Life-cycle for multi-department issue tracking & resolution.

Problem Management

Analyze underlying Root Cause of Multiple Incidents and provide permanent fixes to recurring ones.

CMDB & Asset Management

Centralized repository of all assets for in-depth tracking of status, warranty and other important information

SLA Management

Ensure On-Time Incident Resolution with Comprehensive SLA Templates

Task Management

Manage day-to-day granular tasks across multiple departments for improved collaboration and tracking

Change Management

Conveniently schedule changes to be mapped, speed up the change process and reduce service outages

Knowledge Base

Access, publish and download data from anywhere anytime to maintain regular business-critical operations

Franchise Management

Unified Help-desk platform across organizations and their franchisees and 3rd party vendors

Project Management

Plan, build, maintain & manage your project by capturing details of sprints, tasks, user stories, bugs, insights, etc

But we also need to think out of the box

Track and manage your services & workflows with our quick-help and easy-to-use Service Management feature tools, totally aligned with ITILv3 guildlines.

What’s different about Everest Service Manager ?

In-built Intelligent Automation
Partner-Service Management
Available on SAAS & On-premise model
Unlimited End-Users
24×7 Local
Made-In-India Product

Make our IT Service Manager tool act as a

SuperManger for your datacenter

With its light-weight codes, Everest Service Manager can not only integrate with any existing tools in your datacenter, but also act as an Umbrella Manager for managing all your supporting IT tools on a single unified dashboard.

Easy integration

Single platform with unified ticket-collection center

Real-time alerting & notification on incident generation

Automated workflow & task assignment across all datacenter tools

Centralized tool to track & manage all service processes of all tools through a single dashboard