Effectively, Define, Authorize, Deploy & Track Change

On any Network Infrastructure

Effortlessly Automate your Configuration & Change Management

Everest Network Configuration and Change Manager (NCCM) automates the Configurations and Compliance of network devices. NCCM (which is a part of the EverestIMS Suite), places a stringent focus on compliance for regulatory standards, complemented by real-time alerts on important events and comprehensive reports for managing overall network devices & their daily operations.

Everest NCCM offers crucial features that help automates the Configurations and Compliance of network devices

Policy Compliance

Flexible Rules & Policy Configuration Templates ensuring complete Security, Operational & Regulatory Policy Definition & Enforcement.

Audit Trails & Tracking

Complete audit trail of device configurations, tool operations, job executions for end-to-end tracking of network operations and tool activities.

Inventory Tracking

Capture complete inventory details of multi-vendor Network Devices including Host name, Serial Number, Vendor, Model, OS, Firmware Version, End-Of-Life, End-Of-Support details etc.

Routine Task Automation

Automate common & repetitive tasks with respect to Network Operations with pre-configured templates allowing execution of tasks at multiple locations at the same instant.

Network Discovery

Supports multi-modes of discovery using typically required SNMP and device credentials.

Vulnerability Detection

Instantaneous detection of vulnerabilities in newly-discovered target network devices. Multi-level security tagging of device vulnerabilities based on CVSS Scores along with vulnerability details.

Multi-Channel Notification & Reports

Immediate alerting of important events like detecting configuration changes, configuration download success, policy violations, job completions, firmware upgrade etc., using multiple channels like Email & SMS along with other detailed reports. Multi-Channel Notification & Reports

Configuration Management

Offers comprehensive Network Configuration Backup & Recovery across all network devices. Instant detection and alerting on configuration changes with the option to automatically roll back to a previous configuration.

Network Security Auditing

Gain complete network security auditing of target network devices with comprehensive details on impacts and events. Monitor via “Live Tracking” all authorized user actions on target network devices displaying CLI commands executed and their results with the option to store them audits as for historical analysis. Quickly initiate “kill sessions” in the event of any protocol variance or breach.

Everest NCCM helps you manage change in all its forms,
complexity and challenges

Everest NCCM helps you find out ‘who’ made ‘what’ changes, ‘when’ and ‘why’. Further, it alerts you in real-time on your mobile phone (or through other immediate channels) when changes or events occur. It can automate the Configuration and Compliance of network devices across any scale of magnitude and numbers.

Scheduled and Bulk Discovery
Multitenancy & Role-Based Access
In-Built Diagnostic Tools
Scheduled Backup Operations
Comprehensive Auditing
Detect Policy Violations
Email & SMS Notification
API-based 3rd Party Tool Integration
PDF, Excel, CSV Export options
Reusable Templates for Bulk Changes

Everest NCCM – The ROI & Organisational Gain

Reduced risk of outages and security breaches

Quicker service restoration

Avoid wasteful duplication of your technology assets

Improved experience for your customers and internal

Strict policy and process control

Manage a wider array of infrastructure with a lean team

Greater agility and faster problem resolution

Better visibility to design changes that avoid problems